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Welcome to Library of József Szinnyei Komarno website


József Szinnyei Library is public, universal library. Its financial budget is under control of Nitra district.

It gains, processes, saves and makes available library collections to public using various sources

of information and alsoprovides bibliographic data finding services allowing global and limitless

access to information. It is a methodical and coordinational centre for activities of other public

libraries in the Komárno region. The institution publicizes results of its work through editorial and

popularization work. József Szinnyei Library publishes periodic and non - periodic publications  

to promote its work and to fulfill  the library´s and public needs. It is working also as regional

centre of information by building and making available regional bibliographic and

factographic data bases to public.

The library organises cultural and social events for its readers and for public, too.

Library provides its service in two buildings, on  35 Eötvös street and on  8 Palatin street